Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Top 5 Hardest Interview Questions

Interviews can be very stressful situations that can cause a person to panic, fumble over words, and create blank minds. I've found the best way to interview is to be yourself, and take deep breaths before answering anything. The other thing to remember is that the interviewer is not trying to make you nervous, just make you be yourself and show how you can handle things. Here are a few interview questions that I find difficult, and answers that I think are acceptable.
1. What are your weaknesses?
I would say that I can be sensitive when I feel people are getting upset and I have a need to calm them down and be rational. I would also say that I can be controlling because I like things to in order and always have a plan for how things should work out. I have been working on both of these weaknesses and have become more adaptable and have learned to let things go that I have no control over.
2. Why did you leave your last job?
This question can be difficult to answer, especially if you left your job because you didn't work well with your last boss. When answering this question, I say that I left my job because I wanted to finish my education so I could work in my chosen profession, special events coordinating. I would also say that while I enjoyed my last job, it was time for me to leave, and move on to a place where there was more growth opportunity.
3. What can you contribute to us that other applicants can't?
This question provides you with a time to shine. This question allows you to tell of your greatest strengths. I would answer that although I said one of my greatest weaknesses is to want to control things, it also allows me to plan ahead, which is a major part of becoming a special events coordinator. While doing this job, you have to plan for the unexpected and make sure things are done on time and with a schedule. I can also offer experience working in different aspects of the industry,including catering, working as a manager at a front desk, I have a wedding planning certification, taken a class on floral arrangement, and worked as an intern with an event planning company. I would also take this opportunity to talk about how I helped plan days and vacations for guests. I would also talk about my passion for this job, and how its something I have always wanted to do, and that I am committed to producing the best results for the client and watching events come together and doing accomplishing what the client wants, while offering them different suggestions to make their event more special. This is also an opportunity to talk a little about the company's accomplishments and how you could build from that.
4. What do you think is a fair wage/salary for this position?
This is always a tough question to answer. It's a little easier if they put the salary range on the job posting, because you could always negotiate for that. It's best to look up the typical salary range for that location and job. I would tell them an appropriate wage but say I would be willing to start at a lower wage to gain experience because the job is important to me but would hope that we could revisit the subject at a later time.
5. Tell me about yourself.
This question is the time to tell about your accomplishments. I would tell them about getting hired as a seasonal employee at Big Sky Resort, but after only a few months, I was promoted to manager over three different departments. I would also talk about how catering provided me with a different look at how things are run in a different part of the events coordinating. I would tell how I have been on the Dean's list for the past two semesters and this shows my dedication to learning and accomplishing goals. I would say the past three jobs I have had have prepared me for a career in the hospitality industry and my ultimate goal is to become the head special events coordinator for a resort or conference center.

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