Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Skills Obtained From Service Learning

In completing this project, I have learned some new skills that I will put into use during the rest of my school year and my career. I have learned the skill of patience when working with others that are not as technologically advanced as you. I have also learned that working with others can make you aware of things out of your scope of vision. Service learning helps you put things in perspective and teaches people to use their knowledge to help others.

This project relates to the learning objectives of the course because it taught us how to put the skills we learned in class about professional writing and use them to help others. Service-learning relates to my long term career goals because some service-learning projects are events and I could use my event planning knowledge to volunteer to plan these events for others in need.

Advice for Future Students

For students taking Professional Writing, I would recommend paying attention to everything the instructor has to say. This class has offered me many useful tips on becoming more professional in my writing and my online identity. I would recommend this class to any person who wants to get a better idea of how to market themselves to future employers. It also gives you a different look at how things are run in your chosen career field and how you can prepare yourself to be a step ahead of others seeking the job you are trying to obtain. This was a wonderful class and I wish the instructor and the other students the best of luck.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I Have Learned Through My Service Learning Project

Working with this non-profit organization has taught me a few things. The Southside Community Kitchen helps many different people. I have learned that non-profit organizations need all the help they can get. The people that volunteer at these organizations have full-time jobs, families, and other obligations that take up their time. Volunteering for these organizations is a great way to help others. I have learned this community based organization feeds hungry children living in Lansing, MI. They also help the senior citizens who may not have the means to feed themselves. This organization is available for anyone in the area who may not be able to feed themselves and gives people an opportunity to receive at least one good meal a day.

I have a different idea of the Lansing community after working with the Southside Community Kitchen. I didn't realize how many people they help and how many people in Lansing need this type of help. I think this is a great organization that helps as many people as they are able too and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small Group Project

Our small group worked very well together. Damien, Jeremy and I each worked on separate parts but after we has collected our initial information, we came together and put each piece in the brochure and offered ideas on how to improve the different parts. Each group member took the suggestions and I feel the entire brochure looks wonderful.

The strength of our group came from our willingness to listen to each other and use different suggestions that were offered. We were creative in how we presented the different aspects of the Japanese culture and etiquette. Weaknesses our group had were we weren't sure how much information to include, and how to best present our ideas. We overcame this by including information we thought would best help any visitor to Japan or any person that is trying to do business with the Japanese.

I feel it is best to listen to others you are working with because that is how some of the best ideas are formed. Group work is a great way to meet others in your class or office and a brilliant way to get a lot of quality work done in a short amount of time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Service Learning Project

I am excited to begin working on my service learning project. I will be working with the Southside Community Kitchen. They are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization supported by over 35 area churches and directed by a 14-member volunteer board. They are a certified charity of the United Way. They were established in 1988 and are supported by over 35 area churches and governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. The mission for the Southside Community Kitchen is: "To provide well-balanced, nourishing meals to the hungry people of Lansing in a caring, dignified environment where they are reassured of their worth as God's unique works of creation". My contact for this project is Sandra Pearson, who is the President of the 2009 Board of Directors. Each year, they serve about 10,000 meals and they also have over 100 volunteers that work nearly 3,500 hours per year to help prepare and serve meals at the Kitchen and sort food at the Red Cross.

I will be working on a brochure for them and possibly a newsletter. Sandra (Sandy) has given me copies of the latest brochure and newsletter and has asked for help in updating them. I have created brochures and newsletters for my fathers business in the past so this won't be anything new for me. I hope to create something that is easy to read, but very informative. I want these documents to help generate more donations and volunteerism for this charity.

While completing this project, I hope to gain more knowledge about the Southside Community Kitchen. I also hope to learn what else I can do to help this organization. I want to know that I can help their charity stick out and get people more interested in helping.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Effective Web Page Design

Effective web page design is very important because it will determine if people are able to use your website and understand it. If it is not user friendly, then people will not want to use it. It should be easy to skim through and people will be able to see what the site is about without having to read every detail on the page.

When designing a web page, here are some important aspects to keep in mind:
  • Keep it simple, yet effective. Don't use a lot of flashy plug-ins, especially if you are not sure if they work.

  • Check spelling. Any errors in spelling will lead readers on to the next web page and away from yours.

  • Use simple font that is easy to read. Don't change font type any more than two times or it will be too distracting to the reader.

  • Use titles or headers. Again, keep it simple. Make it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for-not have to search things out. People looking at the website will only give it a short amount of time before moving on.

  • Maintain your site. Keep it up do date with current information and don't neglect it.

  • Contact information should be easy to find and readers should not have to go searching for it.

Web pages are so important in today's world. They can affect how people perceive you or your business. If you want to be noticed, make your web page stand out. Make it so good that people will recommend it to their friends or co-workers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Service Learning

Service learning projects seem to benefit everyone involved. I find it hard to understand why more people wouldn't want to volunteer and help others. As a person who has spent a couple of years volunteering, I know the rewards are great. I started volunteering when I became a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service-based co-ed fraternity.

The expectations I have for this project are many. It will be wonderful to get back into volunteering, after a short break. I expect to help others and will receive great satisfaction from that. It will be good to give back to the community of Lansing. It will be easy for me to start working with my chosen project because I know someone on the board. This may lead to other volunteering opportunities. This will be good and I hope to motivate others to donate their time and efforts to volunteering opportunities.

I don't have many apprehensions about this project. I will be volunteering at a local soup kitchen and I know one of the persons on the board of directors. I know they need as much help as they can get. Potential problems I can see would be they don't need professional writing as much as they need volunteers to help with the meals.