Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Service Learning Project

I am excited to begin working on my service learning project. I will be working with the Southside Community Kitchen. They are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization supported by over 35 area churches and directed by a 14-member volunteer board. They are a certified charity of the United Way. They were established in 1988 and are supported by over 35 area churches and governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. The mission for the Southside Community Kitchen is: "To provide well-balanced, nourishing meals to the hungry people of Lansing in a caring, dignified environment where they are reassured of their worth as God's unique works of creation". My contact for this project is Sandra Pearson, who is the President of the 2009 Board of Directors. Each year, they serve about 10,000 meals and they also have over 100 volunteers that work nearly 3,500 hours per year to help prepare and serve meals at the Kitchen and sort food at the Red Cross.

I will be working on a brochure for them and possibly a newsletter. Sandra (Sandy) has given me copies of the latest brochure and newsletter and has asked for help in updating them. I have created brochures and newsletters for my fathers business in the past so this won't be anything new for me. I hope to create something that is easy to read, but very informative. I want these documents to help generate more donations and volunteerism for this charity.

While completing this project, I hope to gain more knowledge about the Southside Community Kitchen. I also hope to learn what else I can do to help this organization. I want to know that I can help their charity stick out and get people more interested in helping.

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