Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small Group Project

Our small group worked very well together. Damien, Jeremy and I each worked on separate parts but after we has collected our initial information, we came together and put each piece in the brochure and offered ideas on how to improve the different parts. Each group member took the suggestions and I feel the entire brochure looks wonderful.

The strength of our group came from our willingness to listen to each other and use different suggestions that were offered. We were creative in how we presented the different aspects of the Japanese culture and etiquette. Weaknesses our group had were we weren't sure how much information to include, and how to best present our ideas. We overcame this by including information we thought would best help any visitor to Japan or any person that is trying to do business with the Japanese.

I feel it is best to listen to others you are working with because that is how some of the best ideas are formed. Group work is a great way to meet others in your class or office and a brilliant way to get a lot of quality work done in a short amount of time.

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